About Us

Thyme in Telluride is committed to serving delicious whole foods using the freshest ingredients. We provide meals that are free of the additives and preservatives that are now commonly found in prepared foods. Whether you chose to follow a paleo lifestyle, Autoimmune menu or our more classic meal options, we strive to deliver tasty meals to your door so you can relax and enjoy your Thyme in Telluride.

About Cathy Schwindt, the founder of Thyme in Telluride

Cathy Schwindt was born in Seattle, Washington with a map in one hand and a knife and fork in the other. Her earliest memories are of chasing after her adventurous father, who loved to travel and pursue new culinary flavors and experiences with gusto. Her love of food was cultivated by her family’s relocation to Europe, where she spent many happy years exploring the wonders of artisan cheeses, buttery croissants, coq au vin and prosciutto.

Cathy’s goal at Thyme in Telluride is to provide friends and guests with more time to enjoy all Telluride has to offer. Thyme in Telluride produces and delivers delicious food with style, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients — so you spend your time having fun and enjoying all the area’s amenities, not shopping and chopping!

It is extremely important to Cathy that Thyme in Telluride serves foods that meet your dietary needs. As someone who has struggled in the realm of food allergies, Cathy is passionate about providing autoimmune and Paleo-friendly foods that enhance your body’s functioning rather than inhibit it.

Thyme in Telluride’s goal in implementing menus that follow dietary restrictions is to give you freedom and make you forget that your diet was ever restricted in the first place. There is no need to cheat on your dietary lifestyle when you have Thyme in Telluride providing you with delicious alternatives!

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy your Thyme in Telluride.